Support of the Gong/NanoGong Applet in the Chrome Browser

The Latest Version of the Chrome Browser No Longer Supports the Gong/NanoGong Applet

Chrome has announced that it will stop the support of a certain group of plugins, i.e. tools that can be used on a webpage. This group of plugins includes some popular tools such as Java, Silverlight and Unity. The information about this can be found here from the Chrome website.

The Gong/NanoGong applet was developed using Java. Because of the decision made by Chrome, the Gong/NanoGong applet will not work in the latest version of the Chrome browser.

Does my version of the Chrome browser support the Gong/NanoGong applet?

No, it is highly unlikely.

The Chrome browser has a mechanism to always update itself when a new version is released. Therefore, there is a high chance that the Chrome browser in your computer is already the latest version. And it no longer supports the Gong/NanoGong applet.

What should I do if I want to continue to use the Gong/NanoGong applet?

To use the Gong/NanoGong applet, you will unfortunately need to use other browsers. For example, Internet Explorer and Firefox still work fine with the Gong/NanoGong applet.

Do you plan to make a version of the Gong/NanoGong applet that works in Chrome?

The development of the Gong/NanoGong applet was done using Java. The time required to develop another version in a completely new technology is almost the same as the time required to develop the tool from scratch.

At the moment, we do not have this plan.